About Us

A Contemporary Eatery, Live house, Casual fine dining in a classic form

Our story

The origin of The Story Café emerged from the mantra “There is a story in everything”
So in 2018 when we fell upon a 30 year old warehouse, we saw the potential to transform the abandoned space into a warm, hospitable, unique eatery. Through consistent innovation, research and dedication we managed to blend our affinity for coffee, music, food and antique into a ambient mélange of vintage and nostalgia. Today, we proudly present our eatery to newcomers and are considered a staple in the Richmond community! We managed to see our dream become a reality, and are now catering to fulfill yours!



We are excited to share with you that our restaurant has been voted for the OpenTable Diners’ Choice 2023 award for multiple categories in Vancouver! This prestigious award is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional dining experiences and top-notch service to our customers.

ambient of nostalgia


Join us on an immersive travel through the golden years as you enjoy high quality cuisine and impeccable service.
With walls decorated in classic records, instruments and antique ornaments, your eyes will not wander without cause.
Paired with live entertainment and a carefully selected repertoire of music, we guarantee an unmatched ambiance for your to emerge in.
Expect our servers to ensure a personalized experience for guests from all walks of life and our dedication chef’s to bring their passion for food into fruition

food for the body

Our Cuisine

The Story Café has carefully selected our favorite cuisine from all over the world in order to create an ensemble like none other. Expect nothing less than excellence from our menu with gastronome ranging from the freshest seafood & finest quality meat to signature cuisine inspired by the Mediterranean. Indulge in an experience full of charm, warmth and mouth-watering gourmet.

Music for the soul


Throughout the week we have music nights that are dedicated to showcasing different musical genres and different talented musicians to give you entertainment and give back to the community in our own way.

As a way to encourage our community to learn more about music and give everyone a chance to learn an instrument or find a new passion in life. The Story Café is cooperating with Starship Entertainment Group and offering a free music lesson at the ArtiMusic Academy. Our goal is to bring music closer to everyone’s lives and give everyone a chance to learn a new skill and create your own story in music.

Music could be in everyone’s life

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